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martes, agosto 26, 2008

Repression and Dirty War Against Indigenous People in Mindanao, Philippines

MINDANAO - Mindanao is one of the southern most group of islands (Archipelago) that makes up the Philippines. Part of the geography in question is a region between what is called the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) which is run by provincial and local government and another part of Mindanao that is controlled by the Republic of the Philippines. This geography is heavily populated by Lumad and Moro (indigenous) communities. It is one of two autonomous indigenous regions in the Philippines. What is at stake in this dirty war is a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) about Ancestral Domains (Indigenous Land Rights) in Mindanao.

The Macapagal Arroyo administration in the tradition of previous administrations has been waging a dirty war against the indigenous people of Mindanao through military airstrikes and paramilitary raids in the region. Rebel groups like the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have been blamed by the administration for bombings in the region. The majority of the displaced Filipino, Lumad and Moro communities that have been affected have sought to escape the violence and are desperately trying to find refuge and asylum elsewhere.

(Note on the news sources: Mindanews reports from the perspective of those below, Mindanao Examiner reports from the perspective of those above.)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17, 2008:

Bombing and fighting reported Sunday night to monday morning in Lanao del norte near Linamon.


Iligan City: Mindanews
Bombs explode in 2 Iligan inns

Marawi City, Lanao Sur: Mindanews
7 killed, 12 wounded in ambush of military convoy in Lanao Sur


Dapitan port is closed.


Today there was a protest in Davao for indigenous rights:

Davao - Indymedia - Manila
Indigenous People Will Gather on Monday to Counter SONA


ILIGAN & COTABATO- Mindanao Examiner

Two Bombings Hit Southern Philippines


Update: Still checking if highways are safe for travel.

Lots of evacuees from Iligan and Ozamis.

The town of Kolambugan has sustained more damage than Linamon since yesterday.

There are still a lot of people hiding in shelters from the bombing and fighting.

Supporters have been sending Pre-paid loads for cellular phones so refugees can continue to communicate with their families from their shelters.

There will be a need for support now and in rehab later after things have quieted down.

AUGUST 19, 2008:

Financial help needed for families who need to bury those who died, folks whose homes were burned, food for those who cannot return to their farms.

2 workers from people's orgs have died, one was taken hostage and later killed.

no vehicles can travel into the area, except for helicopters.

it seems that these events may be related to negotiations with the philippine gov't about ancestral domains for indigenous and muslim communities.

in the process of putting together channels of support that are clean and accountable.

AUGUST 22, 2008:

LANAO DEL SUR - Mindanao Examiner
Bosnia in the Philippines

AUGUST 23, 2008:

PORT OF ZAMBOANGA - Mindanao Examiner

Grenade Explodes Inside Port Of Zamboanga

AUGUST 24, 2008:

MAGUINDANAO - Mindanao Examiner
3 Dead As Fighting Continues In Southern Philippines

- Mindanao Examiner
A Firm Statement Of Patriotism To Adhere To The MOA-AD: MILF Chief Murad Ebrahim

AUGUST 25, 2008:

ZAMBOANGA CITY-Mindanao Examiner

18 MILF Rebels, 2 Soldiers Die In Mindanao Clashes

Military denies food blockade

AUGUST 26, 2008:

DAVAO CITY-Mindanews

Young Moro group appeals to public: "open your hearts to the Moro grievance"


Business brisk for Koronadal gun store

DATU PIANG-Mindanews

11-year old boy killed, 7-year old sister injured in air strike on Datu Piang



On the escalating armed conflict in Mindanao


A contact in the effective area has interviewed evacuees. We are now able to release contact for relief assistance. Unlad Kabayan has offered to administer a secure bank account to get support to evacuees in the affected area. Unlad Kabayan is accredited by the provincial and municipal disaster council. There are photos that will be released in the near future. Those who have been hardest hit by the escalation are the children, elderly and pregnant women evacuees.

To support the Refugees in Mindanao contact:

Unlad Kabayan:

US Contact:

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