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Rage One (blog)

lunes, julio 10, 2006

Greetings from Atenco to the South Central Farmers

Brothers and sisters,

We received with deep indignation the news of the despicable repression against the farm and we feel broadly identified with you.

We are here, resisting, understanding more and more that the problem underneath is this kind of sinister social organization, this vile system which just as well massacres in Palestine or Iraq, Atenco, Ecuator or Los Angeles, and in every place in which dignity shows its glowing splendor.

How can a system work if it turns some into beasts to threat others like animals just because they aspire to be happy? Out pain is big, is a major pain, is the same as yours, but today we write to ask you not to give up despite this pain, we ask you not to sale your struggle, not to let them defeat you, we ask you to keep dreaming in a just and human present and future, because we are human and we have the right to feel joy. We ask you to defeat the god of fear with hope, with dignity, with organized struggle, with united hands, with love amongst yourselves and all of us who are like you. We keep resisting, building, singing.... Your resistance is also an example and a breath for us here.... Your faces and steps live forever in our humble hearts and in our unbreakable memory. We send you our love to resit and to love.... Our tears to drink when there is no more water so you won't die for thirstiness.... Our smiles so that sadness won't be able to devour you in thinking about what those beasts have taken from us, and so that the strength that we are is spread instead, the strength of this future that we are, of this victory that we are.... Recieve our admiration and open hands compañer@s, to everybody: adults and children recieve our strong, huge, eternla hugs. Recieve a kiss in your foreheads and wounds, and our promise that here, like you, we'll never give up. The future will be better brothers and sisters, it's ours, and to reach it we struggle.

From the love arising from the flying machete's edge.

From this noble land which is dignity's powder.

From your San Salvador Atenco.


¡vivA la lucha de lOs pueblos por su liberacion!


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