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Rage One (blog)

domingo, agosto 27, 2006

Save the South Central Farm DEFENDERS

Save the South Central Farm: DEFENDERS

When police raided the South Central Farm to evict the families, a few people stood between the bulldozers and the land. Now they are facing felony charges...

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Drop all charges against the South Central Farm Defenders because:

1. People who protect the right of poor communities to cultivate land, grow healthy food, and develoop green space that improves air quality and contributes to environmental health for everyone in L.A. must be honored NOT PROSECUTED.

2. The farmers acted in good faith with both city officials and the property owner, but L.A.'s politicians chose to defend the rights of a single landlord over the rights and needs of hundreds of families.

3. LA's communities have the right to plan for local programs and land use. When the city, ignores the wishes of its people, then the people also have the right to resist the government and mobilize for justice.

Statements from the Defenders of the South Central Farm, who are being charged with felonies and other crimes for standing up for their community. They are also members of Cop Watch Los Angeles:

Martha Escudero charged with misdemeanor trespassing, resisting arrest and vandalism

On July 5th, I we went into the farm. The security guards at the South Central Farm, began to harass us and beat us with their hands. They grabbed a womans breast purposely and sexually harassed and groped others. Then, Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the scene and watched as the security guards beat us and did not do anything.
I was around on the sides of the bulldozer. I went in there with the intention of doing civil disobedience and standing in front of the bulldozer to stop it. When I was on the side of the bulldozer I witnessed a security guard throw a milk crate into the air that ended up hitting a police officer, which they try to charge one of the other arrestees Yolanda Carlin. The police slammed me on the ground, and I landed on a fence with my face in the dirt. They handcuffed me and left me on the dirt for 15 minutes.
I heard the police officers say racist comments, Officer Reese actually said, The south will rise. Another officer insulted us, my culture, and our political values. They insulted us, and called us names. This was my experience at the farm during the bulldozer incident at the South Central Farm.

Yolanda Carlin is charged with misdemeanor vandalism, trespassing and felony assault on an officer for allegedly throwing a milk crate.

On July 5th, we went into the farm. I wanted to see the campesinas and campesinos (farmers) on the other side of the farm, who had been crying because their farm was being destroyed. They werent allowed to get their sentimental belongings that were still inside the farm and their most sentimental belonging was being bulldozed in front of their eyes. I went in there because I wanted to help the farmers retrieve the belongings that we could have still saved.

The cops allowed the security guards to beat us, harass us, and even grab us with their hands. I was on the left side of the bulldozer, when I saw the security guard coming after me I ran to the other side of the bulldozer, because I had seen the security guards beat, and grope others. Officer Ennis grabbed me by the arm, twisted my arm behind the back, and threw me on the ground. Then they handcuffed me to another arrestee Holly Enriquez, who was handcuffed to Robert Fofreich. Officer Ennis tried to hit me on my face with his baton. Robert blocked the officers hit with his body. He then told Robert, Youre getting on my nerves. Real men show their faces. I thought that this was a sexist and racist comment, because he said this while beating women and people of color. He then pulled back the bandana that was on Roberts face and used it to choke him with it. Then I witnessed Officer Reese pulled Martha Escudero who was by the bulldozer. They tossed her to the floor facing up and then they turned her over and shoved her face in the dirt while twisting her arm to handcuff her. This what I experienced and witnessed on July 5th at the Bulldozer incident at the South Central Farm.

Christian Michael Tzintzun (16 years old) is facing felony vandalism charges.

On July 5th I entered the farm with intentions to do civil disobedience by standing in front of the bulldozer to stop it from continuing to destroy the South Central Farm. The security guards at the South Central Farm were brutalizing and hitting women and men so I got away by jumping on top of the bulldozer. A security guard spotted me so they pulled me off of the bulldozer and slammed my face into concrete.

Then I stood up to get myself off of the ground when Officer Reed kicked me on the knee and I feel to the ground. They slammed their knee into their chest; he continued to slam his knee into me, all over my chest area, my stomach and my throat. He did this more than three times. He then hit me with his baton and shoved it into my upper abdomen area. At this time he tried to continue to try to hit me with his baton, so I rolled away intending to get away from this police beating.

I sat up after I got away from his baton swings. Officer Ennis was witnessing the Officer Reed as he beat me. Officer Ennis then grabbed me by the neck when I sat up and choked me to the ground. He put handcuffs on me and cut my wrist while he was doing this. He pulled me by the handcuffs, hurting my wrists. He tried to stand me up, but I loss balance and fell onto the ground again. He dragged me on the ground for 8 feet, and he handcuffed me next to the other arrestees. During this whole incident my mouth was covered in dirt and I couldnt breathe. They didnt want to give me my water, while they saw that I was coughing and choking until later a legal observer gave me water. That was my recollection from my arrest and experience with police brutality at the South Central Far on July 5th.

We're asking people to show up for court support, the dates will be posted soon.

For more information or to talk to the defendants contact the Youth Justice Coalition at 323 235 4243 and

or Cop Watch Los Angeles at (562) 252-850 and

A video of the incident can be downloaded from:

(double clicking on the video screen will enlarge the footage)

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