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Rage One (blog)

miércoles, mayo 17, 2006

Protesta frente al Consulado de Los Angeles a las 8AM (May 19)


(This is ADDITIONAL to the protest called by La Otra en el Otro Lado at 6PM, also in front of the consulate. If you cannot make it to one, then try to be in the other one.)

In response to this request from La Otra Campana concerning a global day of protest to liberate the political prisoners of Atenco and to expose the truth of murder, torture and rape the "Tuesday Group" (spin-off of Autonomous Peoples' Colective) will build an altar outside of the Mexican consulate (2401 W. Sixth St) on Friday, May 19th at 8:00am. The altar will be up for one hour- until 9:00am at which time we will join the Southcentral Farmers at City Hall. There will be a flyer sent to you later on today on this event. Bring a some of your favorite flowers. The altar will be to honor the deaths of 14yr.old Francisco Xavier Cortez and Alexis Benhumea a 22 yr. old Economics student, and all the people that were raped, beaten and tortured.
Todos Somos Atenco
Southcentral Farm es Atenco

Communiqué from the Intergalactic Commission


May 16, 2006

To the people of the world
To all the adherents of the Zezta Internazional

Compañeras y compañeros:

Our compañeras and compañeros adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and La Otra Campaña in México are preparing and organizing, to continue the struggle for the freedom of all the political prisoners taken the 3 and 4 of May in San Salvador Atenco in the State of México.

We want to communicate our words to continue to call for peaceful protests and for the continual support of our compañer@s. In Mexico, they are planning for a day of action and mobilizations the 19 of May at 8 in the morning. The proposal is that these also take place at an international level and that people mobilize within their respective countries.

The second national mobilizations are being planned in Mexico for the 28 of May 2006 at 10:30am. The Proposal is that we organize ourselves also all over the World.

Compañeros y compañeras:

We know and believe that mobilizations of all types will be organized, with the goal of expressing what we all feel they have done with our compañer@s from Atenco, because they have done that to us as well, and because they will continue to do so if we do not unite and support each other.

No one can hold back our mobilizations. For they are just and necessary for our struggle.

Freedom for all of our compañer@s from Atenco!

From the mountains of the Lacandon Jungle

Intergalactic Commission
Teniente Coronel Insurgente Moisés

Communiqué of the Sexta Commission

Sexta Commission of the EZLN.

May 14, 2006.

To all adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and la Otra Campaña:

To the Coordinators, Commissions; to the State, regional, sub region, municipal, and sector coordinating committees of La Otra in all of México:

Compañeras y compañeros:

We send our greetings. Yesterday, the 13 of May, various organizations, groups, collectives, families and individuals adherents of La Otra Campaña from 17 states of the Mexican Republic meet at the Che Guevara Auditorium in University City, UNAM. At this meeting we saw how our struggle for our compañeros and compañeras repressed and imprisoned the 3 and 4 of May in San Salvador Atenco in the state of Mexico is going.

So we made some agreements to PROPOSE to all of our compañeras y compañeros of the Other México:

1. - Maintain our demand for freedom of all political prisoners.

2.- Call on everyone from la Otra in México and on the other side, for a period of dissemination, propaganda and agitation, all over the country and the world with the following crucial points:

.- This happened.- explain what happened in Atenco the 3 and 4 of May, 2006.
.- Explain that this same thing has already happened, is happening or can happen to anyone from below, to simple and humble people.
.- What we want: freedom for everyone.
.- Invitation to participate in the acts that are planned.

3. - Call on La Otra from every state of the country; regions, sub regions, municipalities and sectors, to carry out peaceful and civil actions, everyone in your own place in your own way, FRIDAY the 19 of May, 2006 at 8 in the morning, with the central demand being the freedom of all those detained the 3 and 4 of May in Atenco.

4. - Call on all adherents of the Sixth and la Otra Campaña for a national concentration in México City, SUNDAY the 28 of MAY, 2006 at the Angel of Independence at 10:30 in the morning, to march to the Zocalo of Mexico City.

That we invite all the people of México to participate in this march.

5. - Call for a national Assembly of adherents, that will take place MONDAY the 29 of May, 2006 at the Che Guevara auditorium at the department of Philosophy and letters of UNAM, at 10:00 am.

That we each participate with our own difference and identity within La Otra. In other words, as state-wides, regionals, sub regionals, municipalities, families, individuals, sectors; as women, youth, elders, lesbians, homosexuals, transgender, sexual workers, labourers, peasants, indigenous nations, students, teachers, artists, media, environmentalists, committed believers, street workers, scientists and researchers, intellectuals, rockers, all of us who are from below and to the left.

Vale. Salud and that the cries of You are not alone! tear down the prison walls.

From the other Mexico City.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
México, May of 2006.

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